Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Read Any Good Books Lately?

Because I haven't.

I usually set a yearly goal of reading 30 books (2.5 books a month), but seeing how it is February and the only thing I have read this year is my DVR list and articles that I have Google searched on "Uses For Coconut Oil" I am not sure if I am going to make it. Which is funny, because today my kid laid on the ground for 35 minutes playing by herself {read: prime book reading time} and all I was compelled to do was check Instagram, Vine (so I ditched Keek, and jumped on the Vine sue me), and then Instagram two more times (Why am I obsessed with Instagram?). Then all of a sudden it was like...this baby needs to eat...or this baby just pooped...or this baby needs to take a nap.

The thing is, I have a little problem with buying books, both real and digital. And I am notorious for not actually reading those books. And yet I keep purchasing. Oh gosh I just love books. So I have decided this year I am not going to buy any books, which is really hard for me, because what if the next big thing comes out and I don't have it?

But the thing is I have a Kindle full of downloaded books that I haven't read yet, and even though I packed most of our books to put in storage (6 boxes of them) I still kept out about twenty books to read. More than enough available at my finger tips to help me reach my 30 book goal. Now I just need to read three books in two days to catch up. Totally doable.

So, here's the point, if you have a must read to suggest to me I don't want to hear it.

OK, yes I do.

But I am not going to buy it.

But I will add it to my "Kindle Books I Want" wish list on Amazon.

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