Sunday, March 24, 2013

Six Months

Today is Macy's half birthday.

A hot topic amongst me and my husband lately is that six months ago she did not exist in our world, and nine months before that she didn't exist at all. I am still trying to wrap my brain around the miracle that she is. I am not sure if that will ever be accomplished.

And even though she has been "life" for fifteen months, now she is a real human.
She sits up.
She laughs.
She peers around you in curiosity.
She spits food everywhere.
She reaches for things
She reaches for me.
She is a real human. And she is the best.

My sweet Macy, 
For four years I prayed and pleaded with God to give me a baby, and he did. Then for nine months I prayed the same two things for you everyday: that you would be healthy, and that you would bring joy to people. Again, God has answered my prayers. 
On the day you were born and I held you for the first time I knew it was you, it was always you. You were the one I had been waiting for. You were the one God has sent specifically to me. 
And now I get to live every new adventurous day with you. You have given me a new meaning to the word "blessed". You have taught me so much about God's love and grace and mercy. Even on the hardest days, toughest moments, or most exhausting are mine, and I am so in awe that I get to be your mama. 
I love you my sweet girl. I always have and I always will. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Spring In My Step

Well hello, Spring. Fancy seeing you here.

It is Spring, people.
If I still lived in California it would just be any other day.
But I don't live in California anymore, I live in Colorado and the second day of Spring means something gosh darn it.
I haven't asked any Colorado natives or anything, but I am pretty sure what it means is that any snow or cold weather from now on is "unfair". That seems about right. With that said, I see you snow on the five day forecast, and I do NOT appreciate you.

I got the car washed last week. It was kind of stressful, because I was trying to create the perfect Vine, praying that my sleeping baby didn't wake from her nap, AND to top it all off they left the drying up to me. I had 45 seconds to drive through the dryer. This gave me great anxiety. I wasn't prepared. I drove way too fast with the front of my car, and ended up getting an extra 10 seconds on the back of my car. That's what an $8 car wash will get you...anxiety. Next time I will be better prepared. Fifteen seconds for every third of the car...I got this.

Getting the car wash was a symbol of Spring to me, because that is what Spring is all about...washing the winter off.

And we in the Witt home are welcoming the cleansing.

We are ready for more days spent outside.
Bring on the sunshine.
We will always gladly except more energy.
We are all set to explore the outdoor part of living in Colorado.
Pass the sunblock please.
Sign us up for the hikes.
Make us an appointment for a pedicure.
And for Pete's sake put some ice in our coffee drinks.

The Witts have been waiting for you, Spring. We are so GLAD you are here.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

These Are My Confessions

{Feel free to sing the Usher song while you read this}

I need to come clean.
I have an addiction. It is so much worst than my addiction to Diet Coke or terrible reality shows about the Kardashians.

Let's start at the beginning shall we.

I have always said that I would not be a mom that heavily relied on technology to entertain my kid. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I just knew it wouldn't work for our family. I just knew that I wanted to be in control of our screen time, and not have the screen time be in control of us. {"Screen Time" is a phrase that you have to start using when you become a parent. Just trust me on this one.} And even though Macy is only five months old, I think we have done a pretty good job. Aside from one episode of Yo Gabba Gabba on a flight with no car seat (desperate times call for desperate measures), Macy hasn't watched any TV.

As far as our (Jonathan and me) TV watching goes I think we have it fairly under control. We don't have a lot of shows that we "watch". And besides the occasional lazy day or EVERY Sunday of football season, our TV is rarely on for hours on end. Now don't get me wrong...I LOVE television, but I can appreciate a quiet room as much as the next introvert (I know this is not really what being an introvert need to write me any letters of correction).

So of course I entered into this idea of less screen time with the utmost arrogance.

Enter moving to Colorado, becoming a stay-at-home-mom, and snow.
But it wasn't the TV that got me. It was the other "screens". My beloved iPhone and laptop.

I have always loved my phone and laptop. I have been known to pay more attention to my phone than the actual people in the room. And my love affair with the internet started in Alanna Moine's living room in eighth grade. But it is like when I moved to Colorado I became a pro internet user.

It started with my new renewed obsession with blogs, and my discovery of BlogLovin' (Are you using it to read blogs? You really should be.) All of a sudden I had more time and more interest in what total strangers were posting on the internet.

Then it moved over to Craigslist and all the free pieces of furniture I could pick up and refinish (I got over that after one piece...sanding...the worst).

Then I moved on to obsessively searching for a potential house for us. Since that process has been stalled for a week or two I decided it would be healthy to take a break from that website.

That was just on my computer.

My phone is next level.
Just to name a few.
Instagram. Vine. Twitter. Facebook. TimeHop. Pinterest.
Every hour on the hour.

Here is where the addiction kicks in.
It's called Candy Crush Saga, and I am thinking about starting a support group for it.
I don't know what it is, but I can't get enough of it. I have become O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D.
Like when you run out of lives they make you wait 30 minutes before you can earn another life. 30 MINUTES! So you know what I do? I straight up delete that app, and reinstall it and start from the beginning.
It. Is. Sick. People.
We aren't talking a couple of times here, we are talking like erasing it probably 20 times in the last two days.

Then something weird started to happen. Macy started to grab for my phone. And my laptop. And all of a sudden things she never even noticed were things she needed to get her hands on. And I had a moves fast. And if I am going to stick to my limited "screen time" for Macy, then I probably need to do it for myself as well. I don't have an action plan yet, but I know it involves some kind of "only when Macy is sleeping" boundaries...and reading a book (goodness gracious...ANY book).

So wish me luck.
Actually, do me one better.
Pray for me.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

So I Bought A Book

Here me out.
Well, first I want to start out by confessing that I STILL haven't read any books this year. At least not to completion. Unless you count Good Night Denver and The Foot Book...which I am not. I have tried. I promise. I have started three different books in hopes that something would grab me and suck me in, but I think it is safe to say I need to get my "screen time" under control {another blog for another day}.

I also know that I set a self imposed book buying freeze for 2013. And I really have had every intention of sticking to it. But here is what happened...

Last week I mentioned how this blogpost was rocking my world. But that is an is more like ROCKING MY WORLD!! (double exclamation)

It spoke straight to my heart and not only was it moving it was motivating, and I did something I have never ever done before. EVER. I emailed the blogger, Casey, and thanked her for the post explaining my situation. There is no need to go into detail about my situation here. If you read her post you can easily figure out that I have a little bit of a fear issue.

And do you know what happened?

She wrote back!
Like right away.
Like within ten minutes.
And it wasn't a "thanks for the email" kind of writing back, it was a sincere, friendly, encouraging and affirming kind of write back. When I read it out loud to my husband...I cried (not sure if there is validity in this, because I kind of cry a lot).

The thing is Casey and I are not on the same blogging playing field. She is probably not refreshing her blogger statistics every couple of hours to see if anyone is really reading this thing we call a blog {it is so not about that, but some times a girl does wonder}. Nope she has hundreds if not thousands (probably tens of thousands) of readers. And she probably gets quite a few emails and comments a day that she needs to respond to. So the fact that she took the time to respond to kindly and genuinely blew me away.

And what she said was along the lines with, "You need to buy this book Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson, it will change your life."
So I had to, right? I mean she said it would change my life. And based upon the subject we were talking about I am wanting my life to change. So I did. It showed up yesterday, because in the world of books if a book is less than dollar more than the Kindle edition I am buying the real book. Every. Time.

I haven't even opened it yet. But I WILL read it. You can count on it.

Book buying freeze back on.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Musings From The Witt House

I overheard this conversation the other night when I was putting Macy down to bed.
Jonathan (my husband): We have to watch Argo. It won best picture.
Lance (my Father-in-law): What else was nominated?
Jonathan: {Naming the other nominees}...Life Of Pi...
Lance: What about a pie?
Jonathan: It's the one with the boy and the tiger
Lance: You mean Jumanji?
Jonathan: Yeah, it's the sequel.
Lance: Does it also have Mork in it?

People...this is real life.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Wrapping Up This Week

Somehow I lost a day of this week to travel, and before I knew it here we are at Friday. Not that I am complaining or anything, but it sure does feel like my weeks are moving fast. Here is a list of things that are rocking my world this week.

You guys, it's March! I don't really know why this makes me so excited, but I think I am always so surprised by the passing of months. It is such a interesting time of reflection, and asking myself, "What did I do last month?" Jonathan and I have started the potential process of buying our first home, and this morning Jonathan reminded me that we met all of our goals for the process that we set for February. Talk to a lender, and talk to real estate agent...we believe in baby steps around here.

I don't openly talk about how sometimes fear can rule my life sometimes, but Casey basically took a page out of my journal (or more like a peek into my heart) and wrote it down on her blog. I have thought about this post several times, even used it as an example when speaking to friends about their own fears.

It is no secret I love social media (is Pinterest social media?), but lately I have been obsessed with Pinterest...OBSESSED. I think it is the possibility of a new home mixed with free time mixed with trying to think of new projects I would like to do. Whatever it is, I can't get enough (more than usual). In fact...I need to finish this up so I can see what new posts there are.

Happy March!