Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Spring In My Step

Well hello, Spring. Fancy seeing you here.

It is Spring, people.
If I still lived in California it would just be any other day.
But I don't live in California anymore, I live in Colorado and the second day of Spring means something gosh darn it.
I haven't asked any Colorado natives or anything, but I am pretty sure what it means is that any snow or cold weather from now on is "unfair". That seems about right. With that said, I see you snow on the five day forecast, and I do NOT appreciate you.

I got the car washed last week. It was kind of stressful, because I was trying to create the perfect Vine, praying that my sleeping baby didn't wake from her nap, AND to top it all off they left the drying up to me. I had 45 seconds to drive through the dryer. This gave me great anxiety. I wasn't prepared. I drove way too fast with the front of my car, and ended up getting an extra 10 seconds on the back of my car. That's what an $8 car wash will get you...anxiety. Next time I will be better prepared. Fifteen seconds for every third of the car...I got this.

Getting the car wash was a symbol of Spring to me, because that is what Spring is all about...washing the winter off.

And we in the Witt home are welcoming the cleansing.

We are ready for more days spent outside.
Bring on the sunshine.
We will always gladly except more energy.
We are all set to explore the outdoor part of living in Colorado.
Pass the sunblock please.
Sign us up for the hikes.
Make us an appointment for a pedicure.
And for Pete's sake put some ice in our coffee drinks.

The Witts have been waiting for you, Spring. We are so GLAD you are here.

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Julie Hibbard said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. And you. And your sweet baby. And your blog. Hope all is LOVELY with you, Ryanne!