Friday, November 30, 2007


I just got the following email. I really want to send a fax to the number with a big "YEAH RIGHT!"

Dear Paypal Member,
As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity in the credit and debit cards system. During a recent screening, we noticed an issue regarding your account. Your account may have been accessed by an unauthorized third party.
As a precaution, we are requesting additional verification of your payment and personal information in order to protect your Paypal account against future unauthorized transactions.

Please send a fax with the following informations to remove any holds on this account.
If we will not recive your fax within 24 hours your account will be temporary suspended.

Fax number: (786)-513-0438


-First name :
-Last name :
-Adress :
-City :
-Zipcode :
-Phone number :

Account Information:

-Credit/Debit card number(16 digits numbers of your card):
-Expiration Date :
-Code Verification number(3 digits number of the back of your card):
-ATM PIN ( for bank customer verification):
-Social Security Number (SSN)
Elaine Coffe
Paypal Security Division.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Plans

What I have already done today:
Slept in
Drank a cup of coffee and talked to my most wonderful friend Katie
Watched some football with a cozy little dog sitting in my lap
Made some pancakes
Enjoyed some breakfast

What I plan on doing the rest of the day:
Getting dressed
Putting on some make-up even though I am not leaving the house
Playing Settlers
Watching some football while cuddled up next to my husband on the couch
Eating half as much dinner as everyone else
Playing another game
Taking out the left overs and eating the other half of my dinner
Enjoying the cold brisk air outside while throwing a football around
Enjoying my family
Enjoying my friends
Enjoying some pie
Enjoying my bed

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Road Trip Summary

Total Miles Traveled: 855

Total Miles Left: 20!

Times I have changed the radio when 'Kiss Kiss' by Chris Brown has come on: 3

People I am tired of traveling in the car with: Kanye, One Republic, Chris Brown, and T-Pain (Is there a song he's not on?)

People that don't have to get out: Paramore, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and CSS

Times I have cringed in fear that my new windshield is getting cracked: 5

Amount of snow on the ground: Minimal, but enough to fill me with happiness!

Take 5 Bars I have consumed: 1 King Size...only because I can't reach the other one.

Number of times JW got mad at me because I woke him up to get me something while I was driving: 3

One big decision I thought about while JW slept: I think I want to have three kids rather than two.

I will get you some photos as soon as I hug people, shower, get some fresh clothes on, and eat some delicious Prime Rib!

Road Trip Stop #5

Total Miles Traveled: 650
Times JW made me listen to 'See You Again' by Miley Cyrus: 2

We're stopped in Weed, CA for some gas and to change drivers. We are about to cross over to Oregon.

There is the most gorgeous view of Mount Shasta. My camera isn't really capturing the beauty and I don't know how to post pictures from my Sidekick, but as soon as I get to my mom's house I will post some photos.

My turn to drive...almost there!

Road Trip Stop #4

Total Miles Driven: 500
Price of gas: $3.33

Back on the road!
As we were filling up the car I could SEE Black Bear Diner (One of my faves!) right in front of me, but Jonathan wanted to keep moving so we drove thru McD's instead. So for now I am enjoying my McGriddle and a surprisngly delicios Iced Coffee.

I really hope there is snow on the pass!

Road Trip Stop #3

Total Miles Traveled: 477

2:15 am and we decided to stop in Williams for a sleep. I have already been sleeping for about an hour.

Road Trip Stop #2

Total Miles Traveled: 393
Times 'Kiss Kiss' by Chris Brown has been heard: 7
Price of gas: $3.33

Stopped for a bathroom break, gas, Monster energy drink, Take 5 Bar - king size, and collision Doritos (Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese) in beautiful Stockton...just kidding it is dark and I can't see anything. Our plan was to stop in Sacramento...but Jonathan has been conditioned by late night games of Halo 3 so he has a couple more hours of driving in him.

XM Radio is treating us really well. We have this feature where you can be alerted when certain songs come on. We have the backlight off so when it beeps it is a surprise of what we are going to hear...we are usually not disappointed. Also, we have rewind feature so JW has made sure we listen to Paramore's 'Misery Business' two times every time.

To close here is our favorite song lyric of the night:
My best friend Leslie said she's just being Miley
- 'See You Again' by Miley Cyrus

Monday, November 19, 2007

For GR

Dear Gerry,
I got a new windshield today. I thought this information would make you happy!
Your friend,

Road Trip Stop #1

Miles driven: 150
Times 'Kiss Kiss' by Chris Brown has been heard on the radio: 4
Cost of gas: $3.45
After coming down the Grapevine we made our first stop at a truckstop. As we were eating our dinner JW said, "This place is like a megamall!"

The following could be found inside the building:
1. Showers
2. Theatre - Big screen with chairs in front of it
3. Gift store
4. "Massage" Room - I use quotes here because the word massage was written on a piece of paper covering another word. There was a man getting a massage by some ladies of Asian decent...yes I could see him...laying...with his shirt off.
5. Burger King, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut

We got some 'Bucks and gas and we are back on the road...until the next stop!

Road Trip

Jonathan and I are taking a road trip to Oregon to hang with my mom and stepdad for Thanksgiving. In true Griffin form I am going to blog about it. I will be sending you messages to the Blog world from my sidekick so I am not sure if the format will be funny or not!

Monday, November 05, 2007

My new sidekick...Let's call him Wallace

Last weekend Jonathan bought me a new Sidekick. If you know me you know I have been waiting for this for awhile. And when I heard T-mobile was coming out with a new one - I had to wait even longer.

So if I have sent you an unnecessary amount of texts lately. I am sorry...kind of. I just love using my new phone!


In October I Blogged 13 times! It is not 31 - unless you are dyslexic - but it is still a record for me. You got to give a girl some credit for that!

My apologies Gerry

I hope the problem is fixed and up to your standards.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I heart XM Radio

Jonathan bought me XM radio for my birthday. It is satellite radio with no commercials...none. He has it in, and I used to covet it every time we went somewhere in his car. Today he installed in my car while I was at work. We went for a drive after dinner so I could set my preset stations. While searching the stations I found a total bonus...a station called Holly. All Christmas songs...all the time! I heart you XM! (And Jonathan too!)