Thursday, October 11, 2007

Birthday Celebration #2

Team Birthday Lunch at Ruby's...
My team is so great. We laugh a whole lot and often I am missing the joke because I am laughing at the joke before! Also, I enjoyed a delicious pumpkin shake!

Birthday Celebration #1

It is birthday week! The celebrations started on Sunday...and are counting down until the big day on Friday!
The first celebration was with my Dad, Stepmom, Bryce, Tori and Grandma. We headed to Leisure World in Seal Beach to hang out at my grandma's house. We sat outside, played games, and ate delicious Macaroni Grill. It was a perfect day of relaxing and catching up.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Some Reasons Why I love My Husband: Number Three

While enjoying a late lunch on a cold afternoon with Brian Hurst my husband came up with a brilliant plan. Brian ordered the chili in a breadbowl. This is Jonathan trying to bore a whole in it so he can catch Brian's chili in a spoon and eat it.

Grey or is it gray?

While googling Grey Rabbit for my Gray Hair blog (aren't I clever?) This photo came up. I thought it deserved it's own blog. No matter how furry and nice this giant rabbit it is - I would still have nightmares. Ever read Bunnicula?

You have got to be kidding me...

Today I was getting my hair done and my hair dresser, Taryn, found a gray hair on my head. She made me pull it out. Do you know that saying, "Pluck one and two more grow back?" I am doomed! Just call me Taylor Hicks.

All of this with my 25th birthday exactly a week away! I really am getting old! Why do people laugh when I say that?

Have you ever met me? I love the pumpkin patch!

Allison and Josh picked this "Old Man" pumpkin

Jonathan and I picked this perfect pumpkin specimen!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


October is a busy month of celebrations...I will be spending a lot of time at Hallmark.

1st - Our Anniversary ; Mary and Adam's Anniversary
3rd - Adam Rosenbaum's Birthday
4th - Mychal John Maltbie's Birthday
6th - Josh Tillery's Birthday
9th - Courtney Rutenbar's Birthday
11th - Andrew Jonston's Birthday - not the president, the cousin (notice the "t")
12th - Ryanne Witt's Birthday
14th - Alan Dearden's Birthday
15th - Michele and Kenny's Anniversary
17th - Leighton Sarti's Birthday
23rd - Veronica Mars: Season 3 Comes Out on DVD
24th - Allison Hibbard's Birthday
27th - Josh Treece's Birthday
31st - Jennifer Dearden's Birthday; Chrismalloween

I think I need to get more sleep...

Last night I crawled into bed about 11:45 and chose a show off of our DVR to watch. Jonathan was lying next to me working on his computer. During the first commercial break I started to fast forward.

About a minute and half later I heard Jonathan say, "What exactly are you doing?"
And I opened my eyes.
I looked and him and answered, "Sleeping."
The show was almost fast forwarded to the end.

To the low hum of fast forwarding I had fallen asleep. I think I need to go to bed earlier.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

When you're a Witt, you're a Witt all the way...

When you are a Witt woman there are two things that you need to know how to make.
1. Anything with green chile in it - ANYTHING!
2. Really good gravy.

Today was my first time making gravy. I must say it was really easy and pretty freakin' good.

Three reasons making gravy might be my new favorite thing to make:
1. You make it with grease, I made it with bacon grease, so you use one pan for two things - less great!
2. You don't have to figure out a place to put the grease. I am never good at getting all the grease in the jar.
3. Everyone loves gravy - lots of it - so you never have to put any food away. Everyone already put it away in their stomach.

I don't know if cooking breakfast for dinner makes me closer to being a Witt - but my breakfast for dinner skills just got so much better.

March of the Penguin

Last week at our first HSM Small Group. My girls and I tossed around the Icebreaker Ball. It is a beach ball that you blow up with "icebreaker" questions written all over it. You throw it around a circle, and whatever question is under your right thumb when you catch it is the question you have have to answer. It is really fun and a great way to get to know each other.

Since Wednesday I have been thinking about icebreaker questions. Like "If you were a super hero what would be your super powers?" One that has been stuck in my head is, "If you were an animal what animal would you be?"

I decided last night while watching TV, that if Jonathan were an animal he would be an Emperor Penguin. If you don't know about the Emperor Penguin you should read about the Emperor Penguin. Basically they walk about 60 miles inland. The females lay eggs and then they leave to feed. The males incubate them while huddled up as closely as they can with other penguins...starving for three months. When you look photos of them and what the males go through - don't you think of Jonathan?

Monday, October 01, 2007

Celebrating One Year!

A year ago on this exact day I became Mrs. Witt.

People always ask "How is married life?" I know they mean well, but I am not always sure how to answer. What a wonderful year it has been! Marriage is so great. Like every relationship there are hard moments. But the good far far outweigh the bad, and there are numerous moments a day where I stop and think, "I can't believe I am married" or "Jonathan is my husband!" or "Isn't it cool that we're married."

I love being a wife. I love being Jonathan's wife.

P.S. Happy Anniversary to Mary and Adam. I love the doing life with you, and I love sharing such a special day with you!