Monday, July 30, 2007

Trying new things...

Jonathan and I met my family for lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. It was Jonathan's first time eating crab legs...Tori's too!

The OC Fair

Something everyone should know about me. One of my favorite parts of summer is going to the fair. I am not sure why, but is just what makes summer...summer.

This year Jonathan made everyone sign a food contract so that everyone would try all the great deep fried things, and other goodies. We had a blast and spent a lot of money on things I would be ok never eating again.

I heart Boardgames

I love boardgames! I LOVE them. If I don't have a game at my house that interests you, and you can make a suggestion...there is a good chance that it will be there the next time you come over. I LOVE them!


Jonathan : 181

Ryanne: 141

Lu: 114

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My British Friend

Dear Victoria,
I just wanted to welcome you and David to America. I watched your television show about you moving to the USA. It made me want to talk in an English Accent and wear high heels (Two things that I don't do well).

Just wanted you to know I really like you and we are going to be friends Major!
Your new American Friend (who is way more fun than Katie Holmes),
Ryanne Witt

Some Reasons Why I love My Husband: Number Two

He REALLY loves to play volleyball.
So much so... that he MAKES me play it when I am clearly scared a large creature (something in the mountain lion family) is going to jump out and eat me.

So much so...he cancels our small group and rallies everyone for some sideouts.

So much so...that he ripped his pants from the waistband to the knee and kept playing (with his knickers showing).

"Prove it!" you say? is a photo.

This is my friend Allison

This is my friend Allison. She is really cool. She wears her purse while she is driving!
I guess that is more lazy than cool.

What I have been doing instead of Blogging

1. Cleaning out my closet 2. Not making my bed

3. Making Cupcakes

4. Organzing the Witt home office...kind of.

5. Painting

6. Not watering my plants

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things I do in my freetime

Make up dances with my friends.

This time it was a choreographed dance to the Destiny's Child song "Jumpin' Jumpin'". (An oldy...but a goody!!!)

The Warrens just happen to have no furniture in their brand new living room.

Josh just happens to have DJ equipment.

Mary just happened to be the Captain of her cheerleading squad in high school.

Brittany just happened to not want to dance and therefore became DJ Holladay.

And we just happened to have three extra hours of free time while our husband's played FIFA.

After 10 8-counts (that's dancer speak for how many steps you take) we were done with our amazing dance.

A couple of days later I taught the dance to Lu. This is her doing it...yes that is corn in her hand!