Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Dear Adobe Acrobat Man,
What's wrong with you? Your head is so small compared to your giant arms and giant legs. And then you have those teeny-tiny feet! And does doing your job really make you so excited that you are jumping with joy!

I wouldn't really be concerned with what you looked like except every time I need to use your program I have to look at you in the middle of my screen for several minutes.

I will probably see you very soon!
Ryanne Witt

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I forgive you...

Dear Valentine's Day,
When I was single I really hated you. I hated everything about you. I hated your flowers, your cards, and that I had to wear the color red when you came around. I hated cheesy valentine's.
But I just wanted to you to know that I have forgiven you...and now I actually like you. Mostly because this year for Valentine's Day I got season one of Veronica Mars. Oh and I got to eat lunch with my friends and Rick Warren.
See you next year!
Ryanne Witt