Monday, December 31, 2007

In 2008 I am going to...

Have less, and do more.
I have a reminder for myself on my Outlook that has been popping up for 16 weeks reminding me to call the dentist. This is one of the many things that has camped out on my to-do list for way longer than needed. Also, I have so many "things". I buy tons of little cheaper things to make my home complete instead of saving my money for the really nice thing (like a new couch). So in 2008 I am going to consolidate my stuff and mark things off my to-do list in a timely manner.

Own a nice pair of Jeans.
This is a personal one, but you will have to trust me that there is very large goal behind this benchmark.

Starting being better at the things I used to be great at.
I used to be the queen of birthday cards, and talking to my out-of-state friends on the phone. For some reason I have become really bad at this. Since I know I have it in me I know I can rekindle the flame of doing the things I am so good at.

Grow in my relationship with God.
I know it sounds kind of cliche (why wouldn't this be on the list?) but I really believe if you don't set the goal how will you know if you are attaining it?

Read more books, especially all the ones I already own but have never read.
I love books. I love the bookstore. I love the ideas of having tons of books at my fingertips. Yet I buy and buy and never read...some have never been opened. I guess this goes hand in hand with the first thing on the list.

Not have the "out-of-sight out-of-mind" mentality.
There are so many friends and family that have poured into me and loved me. Yet because they don't live in the same city or state I often "forget" all they have done for me or what a faithful friend they have been to me. Sometimes manintaining the relationships that I have in the city limits alone can be way too overwhelming, but I have to stop using that as an excuse.

Remember that life is too short.
I have been reminded of this so much in the last couple of weeks. Life is too short to worry about all the petty things. Life is too short to not take advantage of every day. Life is too short to put things off until tomorrow. Life is too short.

12 Days of Wittmas

12 minutes of snow
11 people in Derek's family
10 trips to the airport
9 times Mychal John asked what the plan was
8 times Jonathan asked if he could use my new Bose headphones on the plane
7 epsiodes of 'Flight of the Choncords' watched on the plane
6 days in New Mexico
5 games of Settlers
4 DVD's of "The Bourne Ultimatum"
3 foot massagers
2 times I got embarrassed because I was so excited about a Christmas present
1 dog wearing a santa suit

Monday, December 17, 2007

I am done Christmas Shopping...

I hate the mall. Don't get me wrong...I love the mall...just not when there is anyone else in it.

As I finished my Christmas Shopping tonight (yes, yes, yes) I decided the only thing that makes going to the mall during the Christmas season is seeing men buying gifts for their wifes and family members. Especially when they travel in twos.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Jenna is in the building...

This week I was in the same building as Hillary Clinton and Jenna Bush. Both times I had to enter buildings that were in total lock down.

Well after Jenna was finished speaking I went out to the parking lot where Jonathan was coming to drop off a jacket. All of a sudden this man yells,"Stop moving and stay where you are." Now I was well into the middle of the parking lot and I know he saw me the whole time...but he waited until I was in the middle of the parking lot to make me stop. Secret Service wouldn't let me move. So I just stood there for like three minutes while I could everyone talking on their radio about me. I was scared.