Friday, January 25, 2013

Five New Ways To Waste Your Time

Let's be honest, my favorite app and my lifeline is Instagram. I basically check it every three minutes.

But in case you have missed it I have a lot of free time these days. So I have done a lot of soul searching in the form of iPhone apps.

I have found some fun new apps, and since I have nothing else to do I proceed to tell everyone I know about my new find. Which brings us to this...what you should be downloading to your iPhone. Right. Now.

They call it time traveling, but my extensive sci fi knowledge can tell you that time traveling isn't just going back in time, but forward as well. But even with that small flaw this is one of my new favorite apps. Timehop goes back in time and pulls your tweets, Facebook posts, iphone pictures, and Instagrams from one, two, three, four (you get the gist) years ago. It's been a blast from the past. {Thank you Allison for introducing me to this.}

Ok...fine...I heard about this one from the Kardashians (on Instagram of course). It is basically Instagram, but videos. I downloaded it and signed in and searched for my friends. ZERO. That's how many of my friends were using Keek (well besides the Kardashians, but who is counting?). Based on this fact, I then proceeded to invite all of my friends through the app. I have never done this before, but let's be honest - a social media app is not really fun unless you have some people to be social with. I got ten people to sign up for the app. Now if only I can get them to do the media part.

Each day they offer a free app that usually costs money. It is such a fun little surprise to see what is going to be offered.

A girl can dream, and this is the best way to do it. I hate to compare, but if I had to choose an app that this is similar to I would say Pinterest. You follow people and subscribe stores. You create boards with items of your choice, and if something really tickles your fancy you can buy it from the app. I love that it has cheaper options like H&M, but you can also peruse the newest items from pricey Christian Louboutin.

I didn't find this one on my own. Luke introduced it to Jonathan and Jonathan is obsessed with it.
Every day posts five family friendly videos. It's the perfect way to see a taste of the newest videos from the interwebs, with out going down the black hole that is YouTube or even worst getting sucked into a car commercial only to find out it is really a freaking screeching zombie.
Here is one of my favorites that I have seen on Wimp so far:

You can thank me later.

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Jenny said...

I love that you are blogging more. That video is the BEST! I keep watching it and it made my day. Love you!