Friday, January 18, 2013

Lions, Polar Bear, Komodo Dragons...Oh My.

Since we are on the topic of me being an explorer it only felt right to hit up the Denver Zoo on free zoo day. Which just so happened to be the day after the National Western Stock Show Parade. Seemed like an easy decision, until the wind started blowing at 30 mph the night before. But we held out, and luckily by noon the wind had died down, but the snow flurries had begun. And yet I somehow convinced Jonathan, Ange and Josh that it would should at least try it...I mean was free. And I was feeling like the parade the day before had been such a success, that the zoo had to be totally worth it. AND IT WAS. Oh my gosh, you totally was.

Here is the thing about free zoo day, it's the best. We literally {literally} walked through an open gate, and there was NO ONE there. Which is weird, because did I mention it was free? Don't get me was cold, real cold...but it was worth it. It was just perfect. We walked through the zoo and most of the animals were inside, but luckily we could go to those inside places and see all those adorable animals. And then half way through our visit it started to snow ever so lightly. As I walked through the zoo, pushing my baby in a stroller, holding my husband's hand, looking at animals, in the was like I was in a movie, but alas I wasn't, it was actually my life.

The Denver Zoo is awesome.
Here is proof...the very first animals you see are lions.
Like you walk in the gate, and straight ahead are lions. Lions!

Trying to keep the warm in and the cold out.
Based on the fact that she slept the whole time, I think we were successful.

They just happened to be standing like this when I walked up to them, weird.

It was too cold outside to feed Macy, so we took a bottle break in the giraffe house.

View during bottle break.

Jonathan: Let's go see the polar bears.
Me:What? Really?
Jonathan: Just kidding, there aren't any polar bears.
Me: You're rude.

But then there was polar bears, well there was one - and my day was made complete.

Happy baby.

Floating turtle.

As we walked through the last exhibit I thought,
"This day was wonderful, but would truly be made complete if I got to see Komodo Dragons." 
And like a Denver Zoo Miracle, I walked around a corner and there they were.

 Please notice the location of my baby.
This love for Komodo Dragons runs deep, people.

"Take a picture of me being a Colorado mom."
You're welcome.
The end.

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Allison said...

You're an adorable Colorado mom! That outfit, the hair, the snow. You're adorable.