Monday, February 11, 2013

The Gang's All Here: Part One

Six weeks of living in Colorado, and we had our first visitors. Go big or go home, right? Matt, Misha, Torie, Del, Caroline, McB and Luke (you counted right, people) arrived on a Saturday...and my heart nearly exploded.

The whole weekend can be explained in a quote from Misha. After commenting on how many emails and texts I had sent prior to the trip Mish said, "I learned that it can be getting 200 people to camp or 7 people to Colorado, and the level of planning is the same for Ryanne." What? I like agendas.

The best kind of visitors are the ones that like to explore as much as they want to just eat good food as much as they want to hang out on the couch. And this group definitely fell into that category.

I like to start my vacations with a lot of activity up front, and then slow it down towards the end. So of course we started with my one of my favorite restaurants in Colorado, Jack N Grill, and then headed home to rest up for a full day on Sunday.

Sunday I had a full day planned for everyone. First we headed to Dino Ridge. Dino Ridge is in Morrison, and has 1.5 mile trail where you can see fossils and dinosaur tracks. No one had ever been there, but it we knew it wouldn't take very long and it was cheap, so it was a low risk option for our first adventure.
Macy's first time in the Baby Bjorn. She really loved it.
I know you don't believe me, but you would be making that face too 
if you were sitting next to that beard.

Since none of us had been to Dino Ridge before, and 100% of us are from California (which is also known as "doesn't do great in altitude")
we decided to spend the whopping $5 and take the shuttle up the 1.5 mile hill to the dino tracks.

Just one big, happy family. 

 Colorado, I love you.

In case you needed proof, here is a dinosaur bone.

 Delia is a die hard dinosaur fan, so she probably enjoyed the one hour adventure the most.
She was totally nerding out at all the information our tour guide shared with us,  who we fondly took to calling Dino-Thor (His real name is Thor. Nothing more needed here).

Look at all those dinosaur tracks behind them. This the real deal, people.

This guy.

Matching vests are always necessary.

After Dino Ridge, we headed into Golden for lunch.
If you are visiting the Denver area, I would highly recommend taking a trip into Golden. It is an adorable mining town that is home to the delicious food, the Coors Brewing Factory, and Buffalo Bill's Grave. I didn't take very many pictures, because I was too busy eating the most delicious sandwich in the world.

After lunch we decided to take a quick drive into Downtown Denver, but everyone was pretty tired and ready to do nothing, so we headed home. But all in all it was a GREAT day.

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