Thursday, April 04, 2013

Hands Down

Lately my kid has been obsessed with her hands.
She holds her hand up and stares at it, like she is anxiously awaiting it to do something amazing. But really all that happens is her hand stays an open palm waiting for her cue to pull my hair, again.

Last night when I was putting her to bed, she was drowsy in my arms with her eyes closed but not asleep. And all of a sudden she held her hand in front of her face and opened her eyes for a couple of seconds to look at it and then closed them again, as if she was checking to see if it was still there.

And I all I could think was, "I never want to forget this."

I want to remember every second. Every phase. Every new discovery.
I want to take a photo or a screen capture...and remember this moment. Right now. Right here.

Lately, I have been at this interesting crossroads where I don't want to be in too much of a hurry that I miss anything, but I don't want to be too lazy that I waste my days. It is really hard, and so so important. Because I want to soak up every second of our blessed life. I want to be thankful. Joyful. Patient. Loving.

But in order to really achieve this I need to start with defining "missing" and "wasting". Because some times it is ok to be excited and fully engaged in something, and other days it is ok to put on a pair of yoga pants and not leave your house. But you have to have your own definitions, and you also have to know your own boundaries, which can often be the hardest part.

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Roushan J. said...

Oh!!! i just saw ur about me stuff, and as i moved down to ur coke serving request, i really laughed out loud. Because, at d same tym, i too had coke in my hand.