Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Everybody Dance Now...

Here are some of my thoughts on the Hip Hop Class that I attended last night.
You can also read Courtney's Rendition

Some of you may have seen 'Center Stage' (probably not considering it was clearly a B movie...which if you know me you know these are often my favorites.) This dance class was quite similar to the movie. There was one major difference...three people in the back of the class clearly had no background in dance. Some might call them Ryanne, Courtney, and Jaime...we will call them Dancer A, B, and C. Here is what was learned:

1. Even if you have some rhythm... dancing in a class with professionals is much different than breaking it down on the dance floor at a wedding.

2. When your very cute dance instructor teaches you the four count, be warned that it is nowhere near the speed you are forced to throw your limbs around when Beyonce's "De Ja Vue" comes on.

3. Watching every agonizing moment of yourself in a mirror doesn't help you get better.

4. After this excellent experience... laughing at the try outs of "So You Think You Can Dance?" doesn't seem quite so appealing.

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Courtney said...

My exact thoughts!!!
I actually went home and watched So you Think you can dance.... I have found a whole new appreciation for it! Nils, I still love you even though you made me do that!